Busking the World began in June 2014 and the two of us have been travelling the world on and off ever since then, busking everywhere we go. This has so far taken us from the UK through mainland Europe, as well as across the globe to Australia and New Zealand. We have camped, campervanned, stayed in hostels, hotels, stranger’s houses, with friends and family and also at airports, pubs and ferries.

We have loved every minute of it and recently decided to trawl through the many handwritten road diaries and endless photographs to share our adventures online, along with some tips and advice for anyone out there looking to do a similar thing (we already know there are loads out there who already do) on here as well as our Instagram page.

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Since May 2016 we have embraced vanlife after leaving our rented apartment and lived life on the road! After a first summer away we are staying in a cottage over the winter to upgrade the van and prepare for travels again next summer. The van we chose was a VW T4 and we have converted it into a campervan ourselves. Our vanlife travels can also be found on Instagram under @copper_van_travels.


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Tom’s current original music is available online and can be downloaded from Bandcamp and is also on YouTube. There are 4 EPs and albums currently available with songs inspired by busking and travelling. We use Bandcamp instead of iTunes because we feel it supports the artists better.


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Tom Bedlam Music Patreon Page

Under the name Tom Bedlam Music we have just launched a Patreon web page. This allows you to support our music online as a sort of virtual busking contribution. In exchange for a donation of whatever you please you allow us to make more and higher quality music recordings and videos on the road, from exotic locations!

Different levels of donation equate to prizes! For example you could receive monthly downloads of mp3 tracks or wallpapers or feature on the credits of YouTube videos. It would mean an awful lot for you to support what we do. We meet thousands of people on the street when we play, so this is a chance to stay connected to all of you as we continue on our travels and hopefully continuing to put a smile on people’s faces by brightening up their day.

Tom also has a profile on Fiverr as a freelance session musician where he takes requests for custom songs and pieces of music.

Help us to keep music on the streets around the world and support our playing!

X Tom and Mel X

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